I’m a child of unnamed and unknown parents. Without clothes , without shed I sleep. Dirt has covered all of ┬ámy body, white skin has turned into dusky brown. Heat gives me shed, water from the flowing drains I drink, Food? what’s that…oh along with the dogs and pigs I eat where these big humans throw. When I cry ,no one hears, horns of the vehicle has stuck them up. Vroom – vroom cars is my disneyland, waste bottles and tins are toys to play. I walk strong with cracked heels, stones get creeping in me. It hurts , its pains but all in vain.

For the name I’m human but for the time I live in, I feel I’m a miserable child of god on this earth.

-Homeless child.

First kiss💜

How will it be?
My first kiss,with whom?
I’ll stand still,
almost cold and pale.
Shivering in summer nights,
shooting my pacemaker.
Baby, you will hold me,
so close, so near to my dear.
Oh god, I’ll be frozen!
You close my eyes and grab me around,
I’m melting like a chocolate.
My heart is beating faster,
I’m scared, I’m nervous , hold me tight.
Pull my chin up and tilt a bit,
A kiss so soft that blows your mind,
drifting me on another planet.
A poison that allures me every time,
The passion of your lips,is so gentle,
every kiss is the kiss of life.


Beauty of Soulless soul. 💜


I looked at a dead flower
and wondered of it’s glory.

A small arising bud in the shed of sun,
cuddled together petals and sepals.
Swaying in the embrace of wind,
with showers of blessings slowly it blooms.

A morning dew settled, pearl like it shined,
Bright and beauteous all it seemed.
Many sang the praises of its grace,
But,it wasn’t enough to make what I wanted .

The raised glitter was about to set,
Was it an end?

Happily she smiled, biding the stem.
It was a descend for a new to ascend,
Fallen apart the love she binds.

Reminiscing The Beauty Of A Soulless Soul!

-Sakshi Jain



We don’t know where,
our life will lead us.
Tracing a unknown path,
we own our journey.
A wonder sight of land,
the divine grace of flowers.
Sparkling fire in one’s eyes,
With passion we glitter in our glory.
And so it happens, an innocence glance.
I feel just so near to my destiny.
-Sakshi Jain

Stay Strong💜


No matter how many times sun goes down, it rises up.
No matter how broken your heart is, it keeps beating.
There’s whole orchard yet, you look for a dead flower to grow ?
I know,
It’s not easy moving on from someone special.
I still think there’s hope.
Remember God gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors.
You will make it through,I promise.
Not for others but for you, STAY STRONG.
-Sakshi Jain